Atelier Val-d’Or is synonymous with quality precision machining, mechanical manufacturing, welding and assembly.

Oversized Parts Machining

With its extensive mining, forestry and industrial expertise, Atelier Val-d’Or excels in custom oversized parts manufacturing.

Our experienced team will assist you throughout the entire process, from design to final delivery.



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Emergency Clinic

No matter the industry, production shutdowns are costly… Getting operations back up and running as soon as possible is crucial. Atelier Val-d’Or is the partner you need. Our teams respond rapidly and effectively to ensure that damaged parts are repaired and returned to you as soon as possible.

Vibration Analysis, a speciality

Atelier Val-d’Or provides an on-site balancing and vibration analysis service with its vbSeries equipment by Commtest.


Static and Dynamic Balancing of Various Pieces of Equipment

Eliminates vibrations due to uneven weight distribution over a rotating part.
E.g.: A repaired fan with excess welding on one side.


Vibration Analysis

Identifies the source of vibrations on a rotating part.
E.g.: A defective bearing on a saw shaft.


Preventive Inspection

Regular vibration readings are taken on equipment to prevent failure.
E.g.: A functional bearing that is showing signs of fatigue.